Custom Homes

Design the house of your dreams by getting a custom home built by King’s Construction. Our experienced team members are more than capable of bringing your design preferences to life so that you are closer to acheiving your dream home.

Home Renovations

Whether it is minor changes that are simply repairs or major changes that change the look of your home, our experienced team members will make sure that your renovations are properly built so that you are satisfied.

Luxury Renovations

King’s Construction is able to provide customers with luxury renovations that may require special materials and more time. These projects will be executed with patience so that renovations are done correctly and with the customer’s design preferences in mind.

Project Management

King’s Construction is able to create and manage projects so that they are completed with efficiency and high-quality craftsmanship. Our team is capable of creating a plan from scratch and managing it so that a beautiful home comes out of it. We will make sure that any projects managed by us are handled correctly so that the customer is satisfied with the end result.

Additions and Extensions

King’s Construction helps customers get closer to their desired home by offering additions and extensions. Whether they are small or large changes, our experienced team will make sure that your additions and extensions fit the look of your home and increase size as well.

Basement Remodeling and Finishing

We provide basement remodeling and finishing so that customers can redesign the look of their basment while also repairing any previous damage that is present. King’s Construction guarantees a basement with no issues that is also visually-pleasing.

Property Investment

Investing in a construction company to build luxury properties can possibly create a large return on investment. King’s Construction looks to work with investors by developing and managing properties and later marketing them for potential home-buyers to see.

Property Development

King’s Construction is able to work with those that own an empty plot of land in order to develop a luxurious property that can be used or sold to another buyer. Our team of professionals will transform your empty plot of land into a beautiful property that exceeds your expectations.

About Kings Construction Group

King’s Construction has been offering various residential construction services in the Greater Toronto Area for over 10 years. Our experienced team is more than capable of achieving any design that you have in mind for your home. If you do not have a design in mind, we are also able to create and manage projects so that they are executed properly so that you are satisfied with the results. Our services include building custom homes, renovations, additions, extensions, and basement remodeling and finishing. We specialize in helping clients bring their dream home to life by building luxurious homes and visually-appealing renovations whenever they need it.

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area and require our residential construction services, feel free to contact us directly, and receive assistance. From there, we will discuss the type of project you want done and form a plan that best suits your needs.

Custom Homes

We are able to build fully-customized homes for our customers that want to build their dream home.

Home renovations

Our experienced team will make the changes that you want for your home by providing you with high-quality home renovations.

Luxury Renovations

Luxury renovations that require more patience and craftsmanship will be executed by our highly-skilled team members.


Our experienced team members will waterproof your structure to make sure that it is protected from water damage.

Additions and extensions

We will work with you to make the necessary changes that you want for your home by providing additions and extensions.

Basement Remodeling / Finishing

Our team will provide customers with a new basement that is remodeled and designed how they want.

Project Management

King's Construction will manage and keep track of projects to make sure that they are executed properly.

Why Choose Us?

Hiring a reliable company to build your custom home or renovations is important to make sure that projects are done correctly and with the customer’s design in mind. We specialize in building custom, luxurious homes for customers so that they can receive the home that they have always wanted. Not only are we able to execute planned projects, but we also have a team of project managers that will form the plans and manage the project to make sure that it is properly executed. We hold our craftsmanship to a very high standard and we only expect the best results for our customers so that they are satisfied. Customer satisfaction is another one of our main priorities as we believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers so that they can rely on us whenever they want a new project done.

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